Core Insight’s CEO, Brian Brandt was a guest writer on Dr. Shannon Reece’s blog where she shared 13 best business growth strategies for nonprofits!

Nonprofits have a unique challenge of not only spreading the news of their causes, but also igniting hearts and minds.

Getting an audience to embrace something greater than themselves, and invest time and financial resources can be an uphill trek. But there are plenty of nonprofits that are surviving and thriving even in tough economic times, so we tapped our nonprofit pool and asked: If you have experience with a nonprofit organization, or are working to grow your own, what is your single best strategy for earning brand recognition/trust AND raising funds to advance your cause?

My thanks to Sheryl Hill of ClearCauseFoundation.org for recommending this question, and to all our great contributors for sharing so many outstanding strategies! If you are a nonprofit looking to sharpen your competitive edge or a new organization working hard to gain traction, I hope that you will find some helpful and profitable strategies below. If you have questions, or comments please feel free to add them to this post. Enjoy!

13. Building Your Brand — Maximize The Media

I coach non-profits to utilize the media to share their story. Whether it’s a newspaper story, a piece on the 10 o’clock news, or a write-up in a local or national publication, it can contribute significantly to building the brand you want. First of all, it has significantly more credibility because it is being told by a third-party. As well, it differentiates you and establishes you as an expert in the field and worthy of media exposure. But, don’t miss out by only getting that piece in front of only the random group of people who are the audience of that medium. Spread the word that you were featured — via email, a special mailing, links on Facebook , Twitter and your website. This can help build the brand in the minds of your staff, volunteers, donors and more.

To read all 13 strategies please visit Dr. Shannon Reece’s blog post, 13 Business Growth Strategies for Nonprofits.

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