Competent managers believe the competency of most employees will generate high productivity – and they get what they expect! On the other hand, incompetent managers perceive widespread impotence and act accordingly- and they get what they expect!

So what is the difference between these two types of managers?

  • A competent manager has a positive attitude while an incompetent manager is distrustful
  • A successful manager is honest and transparent but an incompetent manager is condescending
  • A manager who triumphs in their organization gets involved and leads by example however an incompetent manager is defensive and close-minded
  • A great manager gives their team a sense of partnership, while an incompetent manager is pessimistic and works in isolation
  • A competent manager provides growth opportunities for his team, when an incompetent manager fears the growth of his team members

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Source: The Changing Paradigm by Dr. David Gordon 2011, published by TWU.

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