It’s time to uncover the inspired team leader within you. Overcome the challenges of hidden agendas and miscommunications that create stress and a lack of productivity. Project Management expert Norm Prevost and Connection Expert Heather Hansen O’Neill will provide you with a consistent infusion of inspiration and team strategies. In addition your hosts will invite knowledgeable leaders to inject different viewpoints, situations, and solutions for an all-encompassing perspective on achieving winning team performance. Spend an hour each Friday transforming your mindset and increasing your skills. The Inspired Team Leader show, your path to innovative ideas and action items you can implement today to create a more productive team and feel amazing in your role.


Released Jan 30, 2015

Brian Brandt is C.E.O. of Core Insights, a Texas-based company providing premier training and strategic guidance for businesses, non-profits, and individuals. With more than two decades of leadership experience, he has devoted his life to developing stronger leaders and organizations. He frequently speaks at conferences, and writes for a variety of national publications, on leadership, change management, strategic planning, public relations and human resource issues. Brian holds a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Listen now for specific leadership tips you can take action on right away.


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