Are any of your top employees planning to exit your company in 2015? How would loosing your top talent impact your team and 2015 goals? These are questions that most managers don’t ask themselves at the beginning of the year. They are scary questions to ponder!


As you move into this near year, make your top employees a priority. If you want to keep them on your team, you will need to make targeted action to express your appreciation for the value they add to the team. Here are some ideas to consider:


Praise. When people feel appreciated and receive positive feedback, they feel valued. And, when people feel valued, they are more enthusiastic about their contributions. Keep your eyes open and catch your top talent doing something right often. If you are like me and you will forget to do something if it’s not on your calendar, set a short amount of time aside each week on your calendar to show appreciation and praise.


Reward. While rewarding an employee may be monetary, it doesn’t have to be. Last year my manager stopped by my office in early December and said, “find a day in the next week or so when you can take a half day off and do some of your holiday shopping.” I was thrilled. As a working parent, it’s difficult to find time for errands and shopping this the large crowds on the weekends is miserable. That reward of some extra time off was wonderful. Other reward ideas include an invitation to an event, a place on a project team, or the option to choose a project.


Serve. Look for was to serve your top employees. If they have a busy week ahead, ask how you can help them. Be willing to have “all hands on deck”, even if the work to do moving chairs or stapling papers. Your employees will be honored that you have offered and even more honored that you will roll your sleeves up and work to help them get things done.


Be intentional in 2015 about keeping your top talent on the team!


– Ashley Kutach

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