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Brian Brandt tells stories that engage the audience, connect them with lifetime applications for years to come, and make a positive impact. These stories arose out of years of leadership experience as an accomplished college tennis coach, CEO of one of the nation’s largest camp and conference centers, national sales director, executive pastor, and now CEO of Core Insights. Leading one of the country’s foremost training and strategic planning companies, he helps shape some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world, as well as non-profits that are producing profound outcomes.


Professional Career and Education
Brian’s entrepreneurial drive was evident at an early age as he sold peanuts, started a recycling enterprise, held a consistent job sweeping floors and taught tennis to adults and children…all before the age of 16. He went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in global leadership.


Brian is the CEO of Core Insights, a company that influences individuals and organizations through training, strategic planning, coaching, keynotes, and leased employees. When not speaking to groups, he’s regularly interviewed by various media outlets on a wide variety of business topics.


Brian has been married for over 20 years and has three children. His passion for developing stronger leaders and organizations shines through in every aspect of his life. When not engaging in leadership development, he enjoys one-on-one time with his wife and kids, traveling, beach trips with his family, a challenging workout schedule, and reading a good thriller.


Brian has spoken to many groups throughout the world. Entrepreneurs in India, a group of 7-year olds in Georgia, non-profit marketing experts in Chicago, hospital administrators in Iowa, oil executives in Oklahoma, and Texas civic leaders are just a few of the audiences he’s connected with. With energy and excitement, he connects to audiences through solid material and electrifying stories.


Presentation Options
Participants will receive actionable information that they can put to work immediately in both their professional and personal life. Program length may range from a keynote to a multi-day training program.


“Brian’s straightforward style imparts a great deal of insight and wisdom in an efficient and entertaining presentation. Brian is very approachable and quickly establishes rapport with his audience.”
– Carroll Roge, Corporate Director of Marketing, ETMC Regional Healthcare System


Keynote Topics
After a thorough discussion about your audience and goals, together we’ll determine the right keynote for your group. While many groups receive a custom designed message for their unique group, here are some popular topics.


Stand Out from the Crowd!
Research tells us time and time again that our reputation, or personal brand, makes a difference in countless arenas. When it comes to having an impact and building your personal brand, what do you do? In this message, Brian will share the importance of being a life-long learner in these three areas:
• Understanding your uniqueness
• Effective communication
• The world around you


Many can sit around and see the problems. Some can consider goals and plans. Others can determine the steps to make an impact on the situation. However, we need people who will be critical thinkers, take action, and get things done. In this presentation, Brian shares insights on:
• Paying attention to your surroundings
• Keys to critical thinking
• Rewarding the RIGHT behavior


Critical Keys to Leadership
Having worked with thousands of leaders around the world, Brian draws upon both experience and research to motivate leaders to maximize their effectiveness. This message focuses on:
• Truly knowing yourself and how you’re perceived
• Knowing your team and inspiring them to greatness
• Moving together towards a greater goal!


Other keynote presentations include:
• Coaching Tomorrow’s Leaders
• Have You Noticed That We’re Different?
• Do You See What I See? (The Power of Vision)
• Leading Change in Our Ever-Changing World
• Be a Student…for the Rest of Your Life!
• Dealing With Your Blind Spots
• Culture by Design


What Others Say
“Brian Brandt presented a session on “Improving Organizational Communication” to a large group of our HR leaders from across the country and did an excellent job. The session was interesting and engaging, and the information was very relevant and applicable to all who attended. I would definitely recommend Brian to any organization.”
– Phil Lund, Vice President of Human Resources, Feeding America


“Having Brian Brandt lead a meeting for us is one of the key reasons our annual meeting was so successful. The immediate application of the principles covered was noteworthy. Our members received great “take-home” benefits and we received great value as an association.”
– Patrick Moran, President, Texas Merchandise Vending Association


To book Brian or inquire about other speakers,
call 888.452.0905 or email info@CoreInsightsLeadership.com

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