Brian Gienapp

IMG_0392Brian Gienapp tells stories that impart meaningful life and leadership lessons shaped from his time as an Air Force fighter pilot, leader, husband, and father. He has a passion for encouraging others to live with a greater sense of urgency and purpose that was honed by his time as a combat pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as surviving a few near-death situations while flying during his aviation career. Brian’s experiences as a director of operations for the Air Force and deputy commander of the United States Air Force Academy’s flying training programs have also made him equally passionate about helping organizations foster and maintain a healthy and effective corporate culture.


Professional Career and Education

Brian’s early dream to become an astronaut led him to the Air Force Academy, where he fell in love with flying and flight instruction. He eventually became an F-15C fighter pilot, an award-winning instructor pilot, a decorated combat veteran, and eventually the deputy commander of the United States Air Force Academy’s 306th Flying Training Group. Along the way he earned a bachelor of science in engineering and a master of arts in global leadership. Brian believes that the success of any organization depends on servant-leaders effectively communicating a compelling vision and empowering those they lead to contribute to and share in the organization’s success.



Brian has been married for more than 20 years to his wife, Lisa, and has two children. His love of people and travel make his current job flying with United Airlines a great fit. When he’s not flying he enjoys long walks with his wife, hanging out with his kids, and good conversations with friends.



Brian is able to connect with a wide variety of audiences due to his honest and approachable style and real-world leadership examples.


Presentation Options

Participants will glean practical leadership and life lessons from Brian’s stories and insights. Program length may range from a keynote to a multi-day training program.


Keynote Topics

– Be True to Yourself: Surviving Hostile Workplace Environments with Integrity
– Crash and Burn! Rebounding from Life-Threatening Situations
– Creating Culture: Transforming Toxic Work Environments
– I’ve Got Your Back: Leading Better through Peer Accountability
– Don’t Fall! Finding Balance in a Hectic World
– Rejection?! Learning to See the Opportunities in Failure and Disappointment


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