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From adventurous Nicaraguan border crossings to leadership lessons from Genghis Khan, Chris Zervas’ stories create a memorable event. The author of Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback, Chris has also served at two college faculties in the field of communication. Through his inspiring learning environment, practical approach to leadership, and interactive teaching style, Chris energizes and motivates audiences.

As the president of two small businesses, Chris understands the pressures of the bottom line and the importance of good communication. Being an entrepreneur who is not afraid to take risks, Chris has experienced both success and failure in the business world. Whether you are listening to Chris speak to a large group or talking to him one-on-one, you can’t help but be challenged and motivated.

Due to the size of his family, Chris was once asked, “When do you do the things normal people do?” HE DOESN’T. Chris has a passion to live life to the fullest, take risks, and embrace challenge. In the last two years, he has moved to and from Costa Rica with his wife and four young children, traveled through 28 states and Canada, made a movie, and celebrated the birth of his fifth child. Currently, Chris lives with his wife, Jenna,
and their five children in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

From Fortune 50 to small associations, Chris has been engaging audiences since the age of 17 when he was asked to speak to the local rotary club. This began a long history of inspiring and motivating others through speaking. Chris pursued his dream to become a student athlete at the University of Oklahoma and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. Desiring to further enhance his speaking skills, he completed a master’s degree in speech communication from Wheaton College.

Chris is the founder of Leadership Vision, LLC, and also runs Baby Builders and Summit Solution Group. Summit Solution Group provides corporate training, keynote speaking, strategic planning, and coaching. Chris recently authored the book Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback, which gives step-by-step insight into leading and walking through the minefield of difficult conversations.

Soldiers, senior executives, first-year employees, and K-12 students have enjoyed Chris’ audience engagement. Fortune 50 companies, the U.S. military, National Association Boards, and family-owned businesses appreciate Chris’ unique style, inspiring stories, and enjoyable audience participation.

Presentation Options
Participants will receive actionable information they can put to work immediately in both their professional and personal life. Program length may range from a keynote to a multi-day training program.

Keynote Topics
Conference coordinators love working with Chris Zervas. He’s flexible and tailors all keynotes to the specific audience through thorough discussions with conference coordinators. Examples include:

What to Do When Your Dream Dies
Hardship is the path to maturity. But what do we do when the path seems to have taken all we have? Sometimes the path to our dream requires a detour. Audiences will learn:
• How to make the most of an unplanned route
• Getting up, dusting off, and running forward
• How to calculate the next move

Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback
How do you balance leading toward the goal, but building the team along the way? Learn proven strategies for day-to-day leadership and study a decision tree to discern when a difficult discussion is needed and how to handle it effectively. Audiences will discover how to:
• Use praise and constructive criticism as leadership tools
• Minimize stress and major confrontation through effective communication
• Present effective feedback

How to Turn Employees Loose and Maintain Control
All great leaders lead their followers to freedom. But what is freedom? Stories, questions, and revelations are the hallmarks of this message. Audiences will learn:
• The tension between freedom given and freedom earned
• How freedom enters your leadership
• Why freedom is powerful for followers

Special Needs Survival Kit
Lessons from raising children with special needs can be applied to many other areas of life. This inspirational message looks at those similarities and the power of hope. You’ll laugh and have fun! Audiences will discover:
• Why we’ve got to be all gas and no brake
• How others have overcome struggles to reach greatness
• The power of encouragement

Other keynote presentations include:
About-face Communication in an Electronic Age
• Bully For You: Leadership Lessons from Teddy Roosevelt
• Can Faith Enter the Boardroom?
Business Is Like a Box of Chocolates

What Others Say
“Chris Zervas’ presentation was excellent. We asked him to tailor it towards a specific area of emphasis and his preparation showed an understanding not only of our company but our overall communication and leadership objectives. It was well worth our senior leadership team’s investment of time and resources.”
— Rich Smith, PE, LEED AP, President, Henderson Engineers, Inc.

“Chris Zervas has a great grasp of the communication process and how to effectively teach it for the benefit of employees and families. He’s relevant, engaging, and able to communicate in such a way as to keep the message alive long after the presentation is over. Chris Zervas makes a difference.”
— Gary Smalley, Founder and CEO, Smalley Relationship Center

“Chris Zervas could not have been better.”
— Ann Tague, Executive Director, East Texas Chapter of Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants

“That was truly fantastic! So informative and just plain fun.”
— Radonna Schumacher, Activities Director, Country Club of Woodland Hills

To book Chris or inquire about other speakers, call 888.452.0905 or email info@CoreInsightsLeadership.com.

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