The presenters at Core Insights can take a complex subject and make it simple and easy to understand. Whether it's becoming a better communicator or gaining insights into how to interact with others, their straightforward style imparts a great deal of insight and wisdom in an efficient and entertaining presentation.

Carroll Roge, Corporate Director of Marketing, ETMC Regional Healthcare System

Core Insights provided us with facilitation services that were very helpful in giving us a kick start as we looked at refreshing the experience our customers have with us. The Core Insights team had a healthy understanding of our industry and customer behaviors. They challenged us to think proactively and provided tools to set standards that go beyond just the basic expectations of the customer.

Roy Martinez, Executive Vice President, Southside Bank

"Core Insights is truly gifted in the way they communicate with others. Their holistic and compassionate approach is impactful and sincerely makes a lasting impression. What a huge impact they’ve had on our attendees. They truly got our attention and we now understand the importance of connecting with people."

Meghan Hill, Executive Director, Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce

"As a developer of young leaders, it is important for me to make sure my students get the best training possible. Core Insights has crafted a training regimen for us that is not only specific to our needs, but has been effective in helping our students achieve their goals in our program. Core Insights is excellent at developing people; I highly recommend them to you."

Matt Lantz, Forge Director, Pine Cove Camps

"Core Insights is a professional, well-prepared, and willing company that takes the time to learn about the specific needs of the people within the organization.  They are mission-focused and committed to providing tailor-made tools that can be implemented immediately."

Jeannette Pytlak, PHR, Human Resources Manager, East Texas Food Bank

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