Productive employees are:


  • involved
  • committed
  • creative


…just like employees found everywhere in effective business environments. So why is some workmanship sloppy and service poor? The answer: management!


Managers make the difference. By rough estimates, fewer than 20% of today’s managers manage in ways that encourage high productivity and quality. Productive managers know how to release the inherent competence of people and bring this competence to bear on the work that needs to be done. This is true, whether the organization turns out hamburgers or technological marvels.


What kind of manager are you? Are you managing or leading a team to success? Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the American whose work fathered the Japanese productivity boom once said, “Today’s need is for greater management productivity.”  Employees like consumers are driven by multiple factors beyond money. Find out what motivates your team and lead them to greatness.


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Source: The Changing Paradigm by Dr. David Gordon 2011, published by TWU.

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