Most managers accept that their operations must change as fast as the environment they operate in changes. If they do not, a gap will develop. They will fall behind and eventually fail.

With old rules out the window, and new management ideas and techniques appearing every day, the big question looms… WHAT WORKS?

Survival and success depend on LEADERSHIP.

But what does it take to be an effective leader of the future?

  • Effective leaders provide direction not answers; no leader has all the answers.
  • Effective leaders provide reasons for people to join an organization, stay with that organization, and perform well.
  • Effective leaders communicate value with their team members.
  • Effective leaders don’t blame – they learn.
  • The best leaders hand out reasonability and not orders. If all one does is give orders, then all one gets are order-takers.

Effective leaders are constantly getting ready for the future. They maintain active training and educational programs. This reduces the performance gap always present during periods of change. Effective leaders are always in touch with their organization. However, they recognize that even effective leaders are not always in control.

Source: The Changing Paradigm, by Dr. David Gordon.

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